Every Tuesday!

Tuesday Practice | Live Call | $10

  • Every Tuesday

  • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm EST (NYC)


Recurring Live Zoom Call led by Certified Trainer, Michael Alan Kolb.

This weekly call is your space to ask questions, share your adventures in honesty, and get some coaching in direct communication from the comforts of your home. 

Absolute beginners, new friends and longtime practitioners are all welcome.

Brand new to Radical Honesty? Welcome! This is a great way to get a feel for the practice and community to see if RH is right for you!

Already an RH practitioner? Stay in touch with your RH community, share your adventures in honesty, your successes and failures, your encouragements and your doubts, your resentments and appreciations.

There will be guided direct communication and coaching available as needed, though the format will be less structured than a workshop. This call is a practice space, and as always, we encourage you to get messy and do it wrong!

What you can expect from this Live Call

  • The reinvigoration that comes from dropping your pretending and opening up to those around you

  • An intentional container in which to express yourself in ways that you normally hide

  • Encouragement and support in your ongoing practice of being more honest

  • Heightened awareness of your own experience from moment to moment

  • Guided practice expressing yourself simply and directly

  • Guided practice in getting over your hangups

  • Connect with the broader Radical Honesty community


“Radical Honesty has profoundly reshaped my view of the world, how I see myself in it, and how I choose to move through it, especially in relationship to another human being. This experiential practice of self-exploration while in contact with another person has helped me confront my Self in a way that I had been avoiding for many years by attempting to ’go it alone’ with meditation and self-study.” -Mak

Mak has a BA in Psychology, is a certified Radical Honesty Trainer and is the founder of Honesti.me, which offers coaching, workshops and online courses in Radical Honesty in French, Spanish and English.

Mak is committed to helping people develop the skills needed to live life out loud, to mend and build (and sometimes end) meaningful relationships and to ground themselves in experiential reality. He is particularly interested in Buddhism, existentialism, couples work and open relationships, and dealing creatively with anger and conflict. He lives and works in Costa Rica where he is co-founder of Cascada Elysiana Eco-Lodge & Retreat Center.

Contact: hi@honesti.me

Tuesday Practice Call
USD $ 10.00